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Published: March 9, 2020

Last Updated: October 21, 2022

If you have been charged interest or penalties for late tax payments caused by reasons out of your control you can apply to have them waived under Revenue Canada’s “Fairness” doctrine.

Form T1-ADJ (Adjustment Request)

To make changes to previously filed personal Canadian income tax returns, individuals should not file an amended tax return. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) prefers that individual taxpayers who wish make changes to returns, use form T1-ADJ (Adjustment Request), available at local tax services offices or on the CRA Web site.

Deadline for individual taxpayers

April 30 is the deadline for individual taxpayers (except for those who are self employed) to file their T1 personal Canadian income tax returns. The return should be filed even if there is an unpaid balance of taxes owing in order to avoid the late filing penalty.

Penalties for gross negligence in reporting income on your Canadian income tax return

If you are grossly negligent in failing to report income on your Canadian income tax return you can be assessed a penalty equal to 50% of the tax owing.

Net Worth Assessment

If you fail to keep proper books and records CRA (the Canadian income tax department) may do a net worth assessment, which looks at the increase in your assets over time and assesses income tax on that increase. We are Canadian taxation lawyers with experience in handling net worth assessments, and can assist in any Canadian province.

Deadline for self employed income tax returns

June 15 is the deadline to file Canadian personal income tax returns for individuals with self employment income.

Missed the deadline to file a Notice of Objection?

If you have missed the deadline to file a Notice of Objection to a Canadian Income Tax assessment you can apply for an extension of time. However there are strict time limits for the application and there must have been a valid reason to have missed the deadline.

File your tax return by the due date even if you are unable to pay the balance owing

The deadline for filing personal Canadian income tax returns is April 30. If you have a balance owing and fail to file you will be charged a late filing penalty, so you should file your return by the due date even if you are unable to pay the balance owing.

File your income tax return by deadline, even if you’re missing slips or receipts

Even if you’re missing slips or receipts ensure that file your income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (the Canadian taxation authority) by the filing deadline. Otherwise you will be assessed a late filing penalty.

A Canadian personal income tax return (T1) can be filed over the internet

A Canadian personal income tax return (T1) can be filed over the internet using the Revenue Agency (the Canadian income tax department) Netfile program. Commercial tax return preparation software is required, along with a 4 digit access code. The access code is on the label sent out to previous netfile users, or can be obtained over the internet or by phone. To netfile go to


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