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A Brampton tax lawyer is an advocate for you whether you’re representing yourself, a family, or a business. With Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C., you know you’re in good hands.

What Is a Tax Lawyer and Why Do You Need It?

Whether you are planning ahead for the future or in need of immediate crisis assistance related to a tax attorney, you cannot afford to go without a Brampton tax lawyer. A Brampton tax lawyer will guide you through every phase of the process and use your unique needs and concerns to craft a strategy aligned with them.

Can I hire a tax accountant instead? Yes and no. One important differentiation, tax lawyers provide their clients with solicitor client privilege whereas the CRA can seize files of accountants and/or their accounting firms.

Before you have a tax emergency, or before you discover that you have spent years paying more in taxes than you needed to, engage with a Brampton attorney who is there to advise and counsel you on what’s needed.

You can’t afford to wait to get support from an attorney. While it might not be too late if you’ve received notice of a tax problem, your ability to avoid this issue or minimize penalties might come down to who you hire as your attorney. Contact our law firm today when you need protection from unnecessary taxes or representation in an escalated Brampton tax situation. We’ve guided many people through this process before and been recognized as leaders in this area.

A Brampton Tax Lawyer for Businesses

A business should have a tax attorney’s insight before the company ever opens. Having an established relationship with a lawyer who knows the lay of the land is instrumental in developing a long-term plan that assists the company as it grows and evolves

Businesses often require advanced tax planning at the outset of their company and to address ongoing issues. Some of the services provided by a knowledgeable Brampton tax lawyer include

  • Business startup planning to address various types of business formation styles and how this affects taxes
  • Tax consulting and planning to ensure that optimal strategies are being used to benefit and protect the business
  • Tax reorganizations for when the type of company needs to shift for tax purposes
  • Tax problems and representation to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for defending yourself
  • Tax minimization to ensure that all existing and new strategies minimize taxes to the fullest.
  • Solving the problem of uUnfiled taxes to address past due paperwork and to get it filed accurately and promptly, often through a voluntary disclosure program application
  • CRA tax audits, including representation and defense
  • Fighting the CRA when an existing tax issue has you overwhelmed
  • Business agreements to verify that terms and clauses inside existing business agreements align with related tax concerns

Brampton Tax Lawyer for Individuals

Individuals can also benefit from a tax attorney providing the following services:

  • CRA tax audits, including gathering and evaluation of information and keeping track of the audit process
  • Individual and family income tax planning to ensure that existing strategies are in line with the structure of your family and your needs
  • Estate tax succession and will planning to verify that your existing estate planning tools compliment your tax needs
  • Tax problems that need to be addressed in an efficient manner
  • Tax shelters to identify which tools and strategies can be used to minimize taxes owed
  • A Brampton tax lawyer can help you to address the first-time filing, off-shore asset or income reporting through a voluntary disclosure submission to minimize eliminate civil penalties and possible criminal tax prosecution

Why Hire Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C.?

Our tax firm has earned a reputation across Canada as a leader for individuals and businesses requiring support in the form of tax planning and tax crisis needs. If you want to minimize your taxes or address an ongoing issue with the knowledge of tax attorneys who have been practicing in this field for years, contact our expert tax law firm today for a consultation and to learn more


Rotfleisch and Samulovitch P.C. offers representation and services in Brampton, our lawyers and staff are located in Toronto

FAQ’s Tax Lawyer Brampton:

How do you know if the CRA is investigating you?

You will know if the CRA is investigating you if you receive an enforcement notification. According to the agency, they are initiating investigations against anyone because of internal referrals, including the various audit programs; tips from individuals through the CRA informant leads program; information from various law enforcement agencies; or publically available sources of information such as media articles.

What happens if you mess up your taxes?

Errors on tax returns are common. You are entitled to request a change to a tax return made any time in the last 10 years if you have received a notice of assessment for that year. Requests to change a return can be made through the CRA’s online service or by completing the required forms in writing and submitting them to your tax centre with supporting documents.

How long does a tax investigation take?

The time required to complete a CRA tax investigation can range from months to years depending on the complexity of the case, the availability of evidence and investigative resources.


Pro Tax Tip

Tax Audits in Ontario

There are over 350,000 tax audit and review actions conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency on a yearly basis. Around 15,000 of these tax audits deal with “cash only” businesses (i.e. the underground economy). Additionally, an estimated 35,000 are tax shelter audits.

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