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A tax lawyer in London, Ontario is a valuable support system and resource for individuals and businesses. At Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C., we make a commitment to each client to provide you a thorough evaluation and explanation so you understand your tax options

What Is a Tax Lawyer and Why Do You Need One?

Retaining a London tax lawyer as soon as possible for individual or business-related purposes can help you avoid problems before they emerge. A London, Ontario tax lawyer can also assist you if you’ve received notice of a tax audit or are concerned about existing tax problems. Unlike a tax accountant, your information is protected by solicitor-client privilege. This privilege lasts forever and the CRA and other authorities cannot normally bypass it.

Our tax law firm has become a leader in this space because we know the typical process for evaluating tax concerns and responding quickly to urgent tax issues. You need a legal team you can trust.

A London, Ontario Tax Lawyer for your Businesses | CRA Tax Audit

Businesses require insight from an experienced London, Ontario tax attorney all the way from the founding of the company forward. The longer that you wait to have a top tax lawyer on your side, the more you could be exposed to potential tax issues or even paying taxes that you could have avoided or reduced with proper tax planning options.

Some of the various services provided by our dedicated London, Ontario tax lawyers include:

  • Tax reorganizations when the company structure needs to shift from its original founding as a result of growth
  • Business startup planning to advise on the various tax consequences of choices made at the founding of the company
  • Tax problems and representation for advanced and complicated issues.
  • CRA tax audits and fighting the CRA when you have attempted to provide documentation or close out a conflict and have been unable to do so
  • Tax minimization to verify that the business is protected with optimal tax minimization strategies
  • Tax consulting and planning to answer questions related to how taxes influence the future of the company
  • Business agreements to walk you through how different terms and clauses in business agreements can affect your company

London, Ontario Tax Lawyers for Individuals

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to individual tax planning. London, Ontario tax attorneys are also able to advise on complicated tax issues involving the CRA

The services provided by our London, Ontario tax lawyers include:

  • Individual and family income tax planning that adjust to your life needs as your life evolves.
  • CRA tax audits and tax problems including net worth assessments to help answer questions about notifications you have received and how tax audits work
  • Estate, will, succession and tax planning to develop plans that are complementary with regards to passing on your assets in the future, while also minimizing taxes as much as possible
  • Tax shelters to assist you with tools and strategies available to you to minimize your tax obligations
  • Regularizing unreported off-shore assets or unreported income and through the voluntary disclosure program to prevent criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

Why Hire Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C.?

Our extensive tax experience helping people throughout London, Ontario should give you peace of mind about addressing your tax concerns now to avoid problems in the future, as well as managing ongoing crisis related tax issues, such as tax audits. We have developed a reputation for giving personalized attention reliant on our years of experience. Contact us today to learn more

Experience the Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C. difference. Reach out to our tax Law firm today to carry out a consultation based on your concerns and get the peace of mind and information you need to make informed decisions


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Pro Tax Tip

Tax Audits in Ontario

There are over 350,000 tax audit and review actions conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency on a yearly basis. Around 15,000 of these tax audits deal with “cash only” businesses (i.e. the underground economy). Additionally, an estimated 35,000 are tax shelter audits.

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