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Taxpage is a trusted resource for Canadians looking to find an experienced tax lawyer in Toronto.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the complexities and nuances involved in tax planning and CRA audits. We help our clients find Ontario tax specialists that can provide the advice and resources needed to face any taxation issue.

When you need quality tax solutions, trust Taxpage to find the right Toronto tax lawyer.

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CRA Tax Lawyer Services

Individuals, businesses of all sizes, organizations and even charities will face tax issues from time to time. When an issue arises, Canadians deserve the best tax law specialists in Ontario.

Our experienced personal income and corporate tax lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of Canadian tax laws.

Tax Planning

Tax planning for businesses or for individuals and families is an ongoing process to reduce the overall taxes owed by the business.

An experienced income tax lawyer can help you identify the right tax planning opportunities.

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Tax Audits & Problems

A CRA audit is the start of the tax investigation, and a Canadian taxpayer needs professional representation from the start.

Our tax law specialists can help you navigate the audit process from start to finish.

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Voluntary Disclosure

The voluntary disclosure program allows you to avoid prosecution or penalties for unreported income or offshore assets.

We help Canadians understand how to successfully navigate the VDP and its policies.

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Unpaid Tax Debt & CRA Garnishment

The CRA can send a garnishee notice to your employer or can even seize your bank accounts if you owe them taxes.

Trust our tax law experts to negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf.

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An Effective Tax Solution

The Canada Revenue Agency can and does lien salary and seize assets and bank accounts without a court order and may show up at your home and place of business. If that happens, a CRA tax lawyer can help.

When you’re faced with an audit or investigation, you need a tax law specialist that you can trust.

Our top Toronto tax lawyers will protect your rights and will fight for you.

Unpaid Tax Debt & CRA Garnishment

Tax Court Appeals

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The first step to resolving your tax problems is working alongside an experienced tax lawyer in Ontario. At Taxpage, we help Canadians find the right legal services for their needs, so that they can navigate their tax audit with ease. Learn how an experienced Ontario tax lawyer can help.

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Find a Tax Lawyer in Toronto

Taxpage is proud to be a trusted team of income tax lawyers in Toronto and across Ontario for individuals and businesses.

We provide Canadians with the right legal services for their personal or corporate tax needs, including tax pipeline planning, CRA garnishment, tax audits, and voluntary disclosure. Our Ontario tax lawyers understand the complexities and nuances involved in filing tax applications and navigating Canada’s tax laws.

Learn why our clients trust Taxpage to find the best tax lawyers in Toronto. We offer free consultations to determine if our tax law firm is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Canadian tax lawyer specializes in Canadian corporate and income tax law. As tax lawyers in Ontario, they are responsible for helping their clients through complex legal matters pertaining to their taxes.

Like a tax accounting professional, an income tax or corporate tax lawyer in Ontario must have a concrete understanding of finance, accounting, and provincial and federal taxation laws.

CRA tax lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and insight their clients need to navigate complex taxation laws at the local, provincial, and federal levels. Your tax law specialist will advocate on your behalf with tax agencies and accounting professionals to ensure any tax issues are thoroughly analyzed and rectified.

The best tax lawyers in Toronto understand the importance of advocating for their clients and ensuring all fine print and details outlined in your tax audit are addressed in a timely manner. At Taxpage, we help our clients find CRA tax lawyers in Ontario that can help them navigate their tax law issues and avoid future penalties.

You need an Ontario tax lawyer whenever the Canada Revenue Agency threatens you with penalties or tax prosecution. A tax lawyer should also represent you whenever there are tax issues in dispute, such as a limitation period or the right to a deduction or if you want to reduce your taxes owing through tax planning. Finally, you need an Ontario tax lawyer to ensure solicitor-client privilege to prevent the Canada Revenue Agency from seizing documents from you or your tax accountant.

Canadian tax lawyers provide different expertise than tax accountants. If there are legal issues, such as your entitlement to a deduction or if you face possible penalties or criminal charges, you need a tax law specialist to help you with your tax audit. A Canadian tax lawyer will work with your accountant to resolve these issues. Retaining a tax lawyer also provides you with the solicitor-client privilege to prevent the Canada Revenue Agency from seizing documents from you or your tax accountant.

An experienced Canadian tax lawyer may specialize in corporate or personal income tax law or be able to assist in both niches.

Corporate tax law refers to the expenses of a business. Taxes are paid on a company’s taxable income, which includes G&A expenses, research and development costs, and yearly revenue — minus the costs of goods sold. A corporate tax lawyer will help businesses navigate their taxable income and apply for any relevant tax reliefs, ensuring everything reported to the CRA is accurate.

Personal income tax is levied by the government based on an individual’s net income, including any wages or salaries — minus any relevant tax reliefs. Personal income tax lawyers help their clients understand the nuances of tax planning and navigating the complexities of a CRA tax audit, should an investigation arise.

The 2022 tax filing deadline for individuals is April 30th, 2023. For the self-employed, it is June 15th, 2023.

At Taxpage, our Toronto tax lawyers work with individuals and businesses across the GTA to protect their rights and navigate the complexities of tax planning and CRA audits. We ensure you have the information needed to file your taxes on time and avoid a tax investigation.

To appeal a notice of objection decision in Canada, you must file your appeal by sending a notice to the Tax Court of Canada office. This can be done in person or via mail, fax or electronically. However, you need to ensure everything is filled out correctly and that you keep proof that you have filed it properly. It is easy to make a mistake, which is why many people hire an experienced Canadian tax litigation lawyer to do it.

The length of time that a Notice of Objection, which has been filed with the Canada Revenue Agency, takes to process varies considerably. It depends on the complexity of your case and the workload of the CRA. Low-complexity cases can take around 57 days to resolve, while more complex cases take about 500 days. This does not include the days the CRA is waiting for the taxpayer to provide additional information. A tax lawyer in Ontario can make detailed submissions supporting your case and can liaise with your tax appeals officer to keep things moving.

It is still possible to set up a testamentary trust in Canada. However, recent changes in the tax rules took away many of the benefits of doing so. An experienced tax lawyer in Toronto or Ontario will be able to explain whether you are one of the people who could still benefit from doing so. They can also assist you in setting up a testamentary trust. Or, if more appropriate, one of the different types of living trusts that are available.

A testamentary trust allows you to control how your beneficiaries receive income or capital over time after your death. The main benefit of a testamentary trust is that it allows you to control how your beneficiaries receive income or capital over time after your death.

It is especially useful if you are leaving money to a minor or someone who is bad with money because you can stop them from spending it all at once. A single testamentary trust can be taxed at lower rates. You need a legal professional to be able to set one up. Your trust can be taxed at lower rates, and a licensed tax law firm in Ontario can help you understand how to begin the process.

The main difference between living and testamentary trusts is that living trusts avoid the probate process. Assets in a living trust can be moved into the ownership of beneficiaries without court involvement. Both are good tools for controlling how assets are managed after death. We recommend seeking legal advice when deciding which to use. A testamentary trust is created in a will, while a living trust, called inter vivos, is set up by a live person.

At Taxpage, our Toronto tax law firm specializes in helping Canadians understand the differences between testamentary and living trusts, so they can navigate their taxes and avoid complex audits.

According to subsection 120.4(2) of the Income Tax Act, in Canada, split income is taxed at the highest marginal rate, which currently is 33% federally plus provincial taxes, except for an “excluded amount.”

Unlike the United States, Canada does not provide for joint tax returns splitting income. The federal government discourages income splitting, and the techniques that exist do require input from an experienced Canadian tax lawyer not to get trapped by the anti-avoidance rules.

TOSI — tax on split income — applies to certain types of income amounts received by individuals from a related business and children born in 2004 or later.

A licensed tax lawyer in Ontario will help you avoid tax on split income or, if necessary, discuss the appropriate forms to calculate the specified tax on split income, which includes filling out Form T1206 with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The cost of hiring a Toronto tax lawyer may vary depending on the complexity of your tax audit and the scope of services required.

At Taxpage, our professional income and corporate tax lawyers work with clients across the GTA to navigate provincial and federal taxation laws. They provide the insight and resources necessary to help individuals and businesses engage in tax planning, voluntary disclosure, and address unpaid tax debt and audits.

Your CRA tax specialist will provide a comprehensive cost breakdown reflecting their full scope of services.

If you’re looking for experienced corporate or income tax lawyers in Ontario, trust Taxpage.

Our CRA tax lawyers help clients across the GTA address their audits and navigate taxation laws at the provincial and federal levels. They will advocate for your legal rights and ensure your audit is addressed with the highest level of detail.

Contact Taxpage today to learn what a licensed tax law firm in Toronto can do for you.


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Tax Audits in Ontario

There are over 350,000 tax audit and review actions conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency on a yearly basis. Around 15,000 of these tax audits deal with “cash only” businesses (i.e. the underground economy). Additionally, an estimated 35,000 are tax shelter audits.

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