David interviewed on BNN

David was interviewed on Business News Network (BNN) by Catherine Murray, about Canada Revenue Agency’s plans to close tax loopholes in 3 areas.

What Can I do about a Wrongful or Unfair Tax Assessment?

If you have been wrongly or unfairly assessed, in other words CRA believes you owe more tax, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Objection.

What if I haven’t filed a tax return for years?

Canada Revenue Agency’s voluntary disclosure program allows delinquent taxpayers to “come in from the cold.”

I’ve been hiding money from CRA – how do I come clean?

If you’ve been hiding money from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or just not declaring all the money you make to CRA.

Voluntary Disclosure for Panama Papers Tax Evasion

CTV News: World leaders named in documents leak.