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You will have a tax debt if CRA has assessed you for income taxes or GST owing and you have not made acceptable (to CRA) payment arrangements. A CRA collections officer will then commence enforcement action. This action will usually consist of seizing your bank account, garnishee (seizing) your wages or accounts receivable and sometimes registering a lien on your home.

We can help solve your CRA collections problems. We have extensive experience in dealing with income tax collections officers and CRA tax debt.

Depending on your exact circumstances we may be able to fully suspend the collection action by filing a Notice of Objection to your income tax assessment. If not, we can often negotiate a payment arrangement that is acceptable to you as well as to the tax department collections agent. Once a satisfactory payment schedule is agreed to, the CRA will lift the garnishment and release your bank account.Read more

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CRA Tax Audits

There are over 350,000 tax audit and review actions conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency on a yearly basis. Around 15,000 of these tax audits deal with “cash only” businesses (i.e. the underground economy). Additionally, an estimated 35,000 are tax shelter audits.

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